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Hours separate us from the Samsung #GalaxyUnpacked event.


Just a few hours separate us from the announcement of Samsung’s new devices, to be unveiled at a major event in Paris tomorrow, July 10, at 4:00 PM Saudi time.

The event is expected to unveil the sixth generation of its foldable phones at the annual Unpacked event. This highly anticipated event for tech enthusiasts showcases Samsung’s latest mobile devices. Samsung is also expected to announce other products such as watches and earphones with unique and advanced technologies, as is customary with the launch of new products.

Given the significant advancements in AI technology, which Samsung first introduced with the S24 series in January, it is expected that the foldable phones will feature an enhanced version of this technology.

Samsung’s approach to introducing new products emphasizes high manufacturing quality and materials, along with product efficiency for intensive daily use. Notably, it leverages features from device interfaces to operating systems, integrating all new technologies to offer a complete, luxurious product that enhances user experience upon purchase and use.

Expectations suggest improvements in device thickness and weight, larger screens, and stronger camera performance, with additional camera features and lenses to cater to diverse preferences. New unique colors are also anticipated for both phones.

As for watches, based on expectations, Samsung’s new watch will feature a powerful processor and new capabilities previously unseen in wearable products, along with a new, unconventional design.

It’s worth mentioning that the event’s hashtag, #GalaxyUnpacked, has been trending on several social media platforms for days ahead of the event, underscoring global interest in what Korean company Samsung will launch, expected to make a significant impact in the tech world.

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