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Promoting a Sustainable Future

Community Event Celebrates Save Environment titled as GREENIFY OUR WORLD at UAQ MALL.

UAQ – To foster a culture of environmental stewardship and sustainability, UAQ MALL is delighted to announce the upcoming event dedicated to promoting save environment for all. Scheduled to take place from 5th to 9th June at UAQ MALL, the event promises an engaging array of activities and exhibits designed to educate, inspire, and empower attendees of all ages.

Planting Seeds for Tomorrow:

At the heart of the event lies a symbolic gesture of hope as the community join hands to plant tree saplings. UAQ mall will plant 1000 saplings in schools. This activity not only instills a sense of responsibility towards the environment but also serves as a reminder of the importance of nurturing our natural surroundings for generations to come.

Artistic Expressions for Change:

Throughout the day, attendees will be treated to captivating performances centered around environmental themes. From musical compositions to theatrical showcases, these performances aim to ignite conversations and spur action towards creating a more sustainable world.

Crafting a Greener Future:

The event will feature an exhibition showcasing a wide range of crafts inspired by the principles of sustainability. From clean energy innovations to eco-friendly products, visitors will have the opportunity to explore innovative solutions for reducing our ecological footprint and embracing a more sustainable way of life.

Celebrating Creativity :

Attendees will also have the chance to marvel at a collection of crafts, drawings, and paintings that highlight the beauty of our natural world.

Innovative Recycling Solution: Earn Rewards While Saving the Planet

In a world, facing the challenges of plastic pollution, we are proud to announce the launch of our revolutionary recycling equipment that not only helps save the planet but also rewards users for their environmental efforts. This cutting-edge solution allows individuals to easily dispose of used plastic bottles while earning valuable reward points redeemable for discounts while shopping at participating retailers.

From Waste to Wardrobe:

In a bid to promote circularity and reduce textile waste, the event will facilitate the recycling of old uniform clothes of school children. Through innovative recycling techniques, these items will be transformed into fabrics, showcasing the potential for sustainable fashion practices to minimize environmental impact.

Join Us in Shaping a Sustainable Tomorrow:

MALL OF UAQ extends a warm invitation to all individuals, families, and communities to join us in celebrating and championing a safe environment for all. Together, let us plant the seeds of change and embark on a journey towards a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, we strive to create positive impact and foster a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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