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Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery on HONOR Magic6 Pro

Setting New Standards with Industry-leading Battery Innovation


In today’s world, smartphones have become essential tools for enhancing productivity, and battery life holds immense importance for users who rely on their devices for prolonged usage. Recognizing this need, HONOR is committed to pushing the boundaries of battery technology to enhance smartphone capabilities.

Keeping this in mind, HONOR has embarked on groundbreaking innovation in battery technology, standing out as the first brand to apply emerging battery innovations from other industries to smartphones, bringing the all-new Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery to the HONOR Magic6 Series.

The Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery integrates cutting-edge silicon-based materials, delivering enhanced performance and extended battery life, even in challenging low-temperature conditions. This innovation represents a significant leap from traditional lithium batteries, leveraging nanostructured silicon-carbon materials to ensure stability and reliability. Notably, it boosts power density by an impressive 6.0% and supports rapid charging speeds up to 80W, surpassing industry benchmarks.

Driving these advancements is the Power Enhanced Chip HONOR E1, a proprietary chipset that revolutionizes power management and efficiency. Featuring the Smart Discharging Solution and a specialized low-temperature algorithm, this chipset optimizes battery performance across various usage scenarios, ensuring precise power management and prolonged battery life.

To guarantee safety and durability, HONOR subjected the Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery to rigorous testing protocols. These tests, which include environmental simulations and reliability assessments under extreme conditions such as drops and vibrations, exceed standard industry requirements. The battery has earned prestigious certifications like UK Conformity Assessed marking and CE marking, underscoring its adherence to stringent quality and safety standards.

With the introduction of the Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery, HONOR not only enhances smartphone capabilities but also leads in driving technological advancements. This innovation promises users extended battery life and reliability, redefining industry standards and paving the way for future innovations across diverse sectors. HONOR’s commitment to integrating silicon-carbon technology underscores its dedication to delivering exceptional smartphone experiences and fostering collaborations for future cross-industry innovations.

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