Luxury Lynk & Co’s vehicles are Officially Launched in Premium Lynk & Co’s vehicles are Officially Launched in the Kingdom After Aljabr Got Its Dealership at the End of Last Year

Luxury Lynk & Co’s vehicles are Officially Launched in Premium Lynk & Co’s vehicles are Officially Launched in the Kingdom After Aljabr Got Its Dealership at the End of Last Year

Aljabr Trading Company has officially inaugurated its Lynk & Co’s vehicles dealership in the Saudi market, which is the distinctive brand in the premium car industry. However, the huge inauguration ceremony was hosted by Dhahran International Exhibition Centre, in presence of a large number of social and media figures and those interested in the automotive industry as well as officials of Aljabr Trading Company and Lynk & Co. The ceremony came months after the company announced that it had acquired the Lynk & Co’s vehicles dealership in the Kingdom, specifically in the last quarter of the last year 2022.

 Lynk & Co’s vehicles have been first launched in 2016 in Berlin, Germany, to take a prominent place in the sector of medium premium cars in a short period during which they spread in seven European countries in addition to China; meanwhile achieved tremendous success, won prestigious awards and topped many international surveys thanks to the quality of their performance and the splendor of their designs.

During the ceremony, Mr. Abdul Salam Aljabr, Managing Director of Aljabr Trading Company, said: “Since the beginning of its work, Aljabr Trading Company has been providing the best levels of service to its customers, and today, after sixty-four years, it continues to develop its sales outlets, after-sales service centers and the skills of its employees to provide a unique experience for its customers. This continuity and development was achieved first by God’s help, then by the efforts of those working in it.

Today’s inauguration comes after a long research journey based on a number of criteria, the most important of which are quality, maintenance services, abundance of spare parts, modern technologies and modern designs … etc. However, upon the achievement of the opportunity to meet the needs of the market and provision of a variety of suitable products, besides the availability of professional and qualified management staff, came the decision of launching Lynk&Co’s vehicles.

Moreover, Lynk&Co company is one of the most promising brands belonging to a leading group in the automotive world. The Group includes the companies of Geely, Volvo, Lotus, Mini and London Taxi, besides having the largest share in Mercedes-Benz, in addition to its entry into the field of environmentally friendly vehicles through luxury ZEEKR brand and Radar Auto brand for commercial transport. The Group also owns other companies, most notably the modern Helicopters Company and the satellite company, as well as provides exceptional services in social responsibility field in education through the donation of six technical colleges and two universities.

However, as an extension of its keenness to integrate the services provided to the customer, Aljabr Finance Corporation has been established to provide easy financing solutions as well as Aljabr Rent A Car Company to provide daily rental and operational leasing service, besides the establishment of Al Wissam Logistics Support Company, which signed a memorandum of understanding with Lynk&Co to distribute spare parts in the Middle East and North Africa. The Lynk&Co’s branch network will cover the eastern, central and western regions in the coming months and will be followed by other branches in more regions by the beginning of next year.”

On this occasion, Mr. Wail Baghdadi, Chief Operating Officer of Aljabr Trading Company, confirmed that since the signing of the agreement to obtain the Lynk & Co’s vehicles dealership in the Saudi market, the company has aimed at fully providing the infrastructure based on its long experience in this field. However, the focus had been on after-sales services at the maintenance centers and spare parts points to the same extent as the emphasis given to establish showrooms, the first of which has been opened a few days ago in Dammam, and the opening of other showrooms in other the cities of the Kingdom will follow successively.

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